Puff Puff Humbert
Puff Puff Title Card
Nathan Provost as Puff Puff
Character information
Nickname(s) Puff Puff
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Based on
Singer ZOOM
Rap battle information
Appeared in 4
Vs Steve Smith
Release date January 30, 2013
Location(s) Space
Hello, little bitch, Steve Smith
— Puff Puff in Puff Puff vs Steve Smith

Puff Puff Humbert battled Steve Smith in Puff Puff vs Steve Smith. He is portrayed by Nathan Provost.

Information of the RapperEdit

Puff Puff Humbert is the lead singer of the comedy YouTube band Your Favorite Martian, voiced by YouTube personality and comedian Ray William Johnson. Puff Puff Humbert is the only one of the band group without hair in his face, and the only one with glasses. He wears seeming-most-commonly-seen-nowadays, common, thick-framed, thick-lensed, black-framed eyeglasses with white dots at the sides near the glasses "ear-sticks" and the lenses. He has large, black eyes (probably inframed from his large glasses), light-tan, light-brownish skin (might look lighter if you don't look hard enough), a crew cut of a spiked-up haircut in brown color. He wears a bright dark-red "hoodie sweatshirt", a light-blue undershirt, large, thick, dark-black brows, seemingly no lashes (being a cartoon male), and white sneakers like fellow YFM character DeeJay.



Verse 1:Edit

Hello, little bitch, Steve Smith

I'm gonna show you who can be the better red jacket, glasses wearer, you little faggot

You alien smuggler, make you drink your Orphan Tears

After I kill your mom and dad from getting White Boy Wasted, queer

Good morning U.S.A.?

Bitch, I Live on Jupiter

Grandma Got a Facebook, poking you, it makes you look stupider

I Fight to Win, bitch, I'm Stalkin' Your Mom

You're extremely poor, bro, write a Bartender Song

Verse 2:Edit

You searched 8 years for a girl to bone

You can't get none, bro, you're left in the Friend Zone

Your mom Looks Like Sex, she'll always Text Me Back

But the Bitch Got a Penis, and she's also Dookie Fresh


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