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Nathan Provost

Nathan Provost Title Card

Mr. Bling

Nathan Provost as Himself
Character information
Birth name Nathan Roy Provost
Nickname(s) NatureNathan
Born August 21, 1998 (aged 16)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Based on
Nathan Provost
Rap battle information
Appeared in 16 (Nathan vs Provost)
35 (VGRB vs ERBParodies)
Vs Justin Buckner (Nathan vs Provost)
Cam Greely (VGRB vs ERBParodies)
Release date May 31, 2013 (Nathan vs Provost)
February 9, 2014 (VGRB vs ERBParodies)
Location(s) Clear Blue Background with W/E Logo (Nathan vs Provost)
Clear Blue Background with W/E Logo (VGRB vs ERBParodies)

Nathan Roy Provost (born August 21, 1998), also known as NatureNathan, is the creative force behind the Epic Rap Battle Parodies, along with Justin Buckner. He also battles co-founder of the Epic Rap Battle Parodies, Justin Buckner in Nathan vs Justin. Furthermore, He is younger than Justin Buckner.


Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit

Season 3:Edit


  • * = Denotes non-speaking part
  • ** = Denotes voice only
  • *** = Denotes upcoming rap battle


Nathan vs JustinEdit

VGRB vs ERBParodiesEdit


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