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Justin Buckner as Himself
Character information
Birth name Justin Michael Buckner
Nickname(s) Justinmikebuckner
Justin the Rapper
Born June 9, 1998 (age 16)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Based on
Rap battle information
Appeared in 16 (Nathan vs Provost)
35 (VGRB vs ERBParodies)
Vs Nathan Provost (Nathan vs Provost)
Cam Greely (VGRB vs ERBParodies)
Release date May 31, 2013 (Nathan vs Provost)
February 9, 2014 (VGRB vs ERBParodies)
Votes on website 4%
Location(s) Clear Green Background (Nathan vs Provost)
Brown Floor (VGRB vs ERBParodies)

Justin Michael Buckner (born June 9, 1998), also known as Justin Buckner, is the creative force behind the Epic Rap Battle Parodies, along with Nathan Provost. He also battles co-founder of the Epic Rap Battle Parodies, Nathan Provost in Nathan vs Justin. As of February 16, 2013, he has become a user on this Wiki. His account can be found here. Furthermore, He is older than Nathan Provost.


Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit

Season 3:Edit

Season 4:Edit


  • * = Denotes non-speaking part
  • ** = Denotes voice only
  • *** = Denotes upcoming rap battle


Nathan vs ProvostEdit

Verse 1:Edit

Looks like I'm Justin time to lay down the hurt,

You call yourself a rapper but all I see is pure dirt.

You can't get real girls, I'm a pimp, can't you see?

Stop with the Google Girlfriends instead...

Verse 2:Edit

Let me tell you All the Stories of how I've kicked your ass,

You're just a White Kid thinking he can rap really fast.

My editing was bad? You forgot to zoom in on the backgrounds

On Mozart vs Skrillex when the characters moved around.

Nathan, just listen, you always procrasti-nate!

You never film your parts in time, they always come in late!

You say you're obsessed with ERB? But yet from what I see,

You're a rip off of Damn TV!

Verse 3:Edit

Oh you almost have 1,000 subs? Congratu-freaking-lations!

You got the worst accusations, just stop it already, Nathan.

With your lack of education and my rhymes in combination,

It'll cause health complications that require medication!

Just 'cause you have green screen lighting and an expensive microphone,

You think you're a pro musician, but you aren't that well-known.

I won this battle now, look at the judge's panel,

Go back to making unfunny videos on your gaming channel!

VGRB vs ERBParodiesEdit

Verse 1:Edit

You treat your fans like their nothing but your money giving cattle

I can't take crap from a guy who only has eight battles

Sure, I have a lot of fears, but that doesn't put me to shame

Especially since you're a guy who's afraid to reveal his full name

Cam, I'm coming in ham, you'll scream like your nine year old fans

You're just a Fred look-a-like who tries hard to be Batman

Made an ERB tutorial? God, you're full of yourself kid

This battle will end faster than your VGRBGames did

Verse 2:Edit

You turn down people better than you just because their profile picture

Tell your friend to turn up the vocals! I can't hear a sound!

Nicepeter commented on your video? Wow, that's amazing!

You know what'd make you better? How about a variety of voices!

Verse 3:Edit

You turn down people better than you because of their profile picture!

Verse 4:Edit

Tell your friend to turn up the vocals, I can't hear a sound!

Verse 5:Edit

Nice Peter commented on your video? Wow, that's amazing!

Verse 6:Edit

You know what'd make it better? How about a variety of voices!


  • He first started making rap battles on his XP9RapBattles channel, where he was inspired by a real life acquaintance who told him he should post a video of him rapping, where he then recorded his first rap Hank Hill vs James Earl Ray two years ago. He was also inspired by Nathan Provost's Ray William Johnson vs Nigahiga rap battle, where he then asked Nathan if he wanted to collab, thus creating ERBParodies.


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